How to Register with

These are the simple steps involved:

  • Click on the register link at the top right corner, just next to login link..
  • Fill up the complete details. Mandatory fields are marked with red asterik (*)
  • Once the form is filled up click register button provided below the form. If all the information is correctly entered you will be presented with confirmation message. else the error will eb shown and same page will appear again.
  • Enter shipping details, i.e. Billling address and shipping address.Correct the error if any and resubmit.
  • You will receive an email with the login id and password.Store that email in safe place and DO NOT provide this information to anybody. Your password is your property and should not be given to anybody. Neokala will never ask your password.
  • You are now all set to login and place orders.
  • Registration will provide you the facility to track your orders placed with, you can also print the order details through the my account section.